Haus der Statistik


Center for refugees, social, artistic and creative activities.

Together with Raumlabor Berlin, AbBa and the Berlin Atelierbeauftragte, the ZK/U has initiated a working-group to save and revitalize the ‚Haus der Statistik‘ (‚House of Statistics‘) at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. The original GDR-structure of the building with more than 40.000 square meters of usable space, shall be turned into affordable living space for refugees and working space for the arts, culture and education. Meeting areas, co-living and co-working approaches create mutual synergies of integration between the protagonists and the neighborhood. The house could become a prototype representing an innovative and inclusive practice by bringing together culture, education and social engagement under one roof.

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2. VernetzungsRatschlag zur Entwicklung des Haus der Statistik

6 Apr 2016 | 08:00

Entwicklung von “integrativen Strategien und Begegnungen” für das Haus der Statistik

VernetzungsRatschlag zur Entwicklung des Haus der Statistik als Zentrum für Geflüchtete – Soziales – Kunst – Kreative

28 Jan 2016 | 09:00