SCCM Curatorial Research Fellowship - Lydia Karagiannaki

1 Mar - 30 Apr 2018

Lydia Karagiannaki

During my 2-months residency at ZK/U, I am participating at the curatorial research for the
upcoming exhibition of Shared Cities, Creative Momentum. This 4-years project brings together 11
different organisations from 7 cities in Central Europe, to exchange practices and ideas on the topic
of sharing in urban environments. While public space becomes increasingly privatised and
fragmented, while material and ecological resources are getting increasingly scarce, could we rethink
policy making, local economies, material and social exchanges in the city? How can we envision the
city as a common resource? And what should an exhibition on sharing look like, not as a final
outcome, but as a work-in- progress?

Photo credits:

1.    Fictional archaeology of interpreted evidence, residency at De Koer, Gent with Bert De Backer
2-3. Publieke_Salon_Public, Brussels
3-5. Derailed Research Lab, Siberia
6.    The Arch, project by ConstructLab, photo by Bert De Backer
7.    An international feminist conspiracy in four acts, video interview with Girls at Dhabas
8-9. Home is where you are (not), Brussels

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