One by One - Jordan Cook

1 Feb - 30 Apr 2018

A research project exploring Berlin's defiance in being gentrified. As the city continues to grow and become more refined, historical architecture and culturally rich environments continue to be integrated into Berlin's advancing urban cityscape. This project aims to highlight the importance of preservation by illustrating how significant these spaces are to local residents and neighbourhoods, while also focusing on the complexities and the ever changing nature of urban planning.

Jordan Cook ( )

Based in the UK, Jordan Cook is an artist and illustrator who is often working afoot, drawing and making with a focused and critical visual language. His work is concerned in the history of the built environment and its relationship with people, using drawing as a tool to document and narrate the growth of urban change. His previous solo show ‘Pull Handle & Push Door To Open’ took the thinking behind defensive architecture into the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. Recognising our dependency on the built environment also emphasises the objects dependency on its user, thus illustrating the idea of the ‘emotional object’.

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