Artist Dis-Placement at German Red Cross (Berlin) - Jan van Esch

1 Sep 2016 - 1 Sep 2017

Jan van Esch ( Netherlands )

For one year Jan van Esch was visiting and participating in different volunteer-run departments of the Red Cross. Through performances, exhibitions, other events and a publication called RedZine, Jan showed different aspects of the work done by volunteers and others.

What motivates someone, e.g. a 79 year old woman, to take an hour-long U-/S-Bahn ride three times a week, in order to do unpaid work handing out second-hand clothing, for 18 years in a row? To gain insight into these kinds of questions, Jan joins the different departments of the Red Cross: the second hand clothing shop, youth first aid training, elderly and homeless care. He uses his educational and experience background in anthropology, public health and the cultural sector, and aims to capture the questions and answers in several interactions and works.

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