Project at ZK/U - Paul Cullen

30 Nov 2014 - 30 Jan 2015

My project for ZK/U will somehow conflate my sculptural interests with research into the urban environment of Moabit. My intention is outcomes responding to this research and in particular to the relational spaces of waterways, bridges, and architecture. Moabit, an artificial island, is connected into the surrounding cityscape by 26 bridges: Berlin has 979 bridges and 197 km of intercity waterways. My research process includes walking, measurement, documentation of bridges, routes, times, and distances. Outcomes will be sculptural propositions (objects and spaces), not representations.

review from New Zealand (March, 1st 2015)

Paul Cullen ( New Zealand )

I am a sculptor and installation artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand. My sculptural research takes the form of an investigation of constructional ploys, provisionality, materials, found objects, rational purpose & site. My project is propelled by hypotheses, models, tests, drawings, cross-sections, circulation systems, and the theatre of experimental research. It is underpinned by research into science, technology, and designed sites (such as gardens, urban, industrial and scientific emplacements).


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