Project at ZK/U - Wirad Kaddo & Reham Alkassar (SODOM)

30 Nov 2014 - 30 May 2015

Our new play will have T.S. Eliot's 'Cocktail Party' as a dramatic skeleton and with it we'd like to create a disturbing encounter between Germans and Syrians on and off stage. An encounter that confronts with questions of good and fault within overall guilt laden situations.

And moving on: Is the history of violence going to be continued within the Syrian and other societies? What will power relations look like and what are the (new?) spaces of violence and destruction? Look forward to a vicious reinterpretaion of Eliot's faultless little girl, the shrink, and the stranger!

This residency is made possible by the support of the Hagen Neidel Stipendium.

Wirad Kaddo & Reham Alkassar (SODOM) ( Syria )

Sodom is a young Syrian-German theater collective. Most of it's members have previously cooperated on different projects. The play 'Farewell, Salmons' was a starting point and first chapter of our artistic discussion of current social and political issues. It was developed after one year of virtual cooperation between Damascus and Berlin and realized during a three-week artistic residency at Schloss Bröllin e.V.

But we did not expect to be able to contain all our thoughts and ideas in one piece, the discussion is designed to last and evolve around upcoming events as well as our individual backgrounds. With social protests of one form or another going on in each of our home countries, we hope to not only talk about these focal points of conflict but rather the underlying developments of volatile humanity. We want to ask whether art can offer salvation and we are looking forward to be shaken ourselves in what we believe theater can or cannot do.

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