Encounter - Matthew Crookes

31 Oct 2014 - 30 May 2015

My practice focuses around the value of the encounter as the starting point for making and finding art. The encounter is a useful tool when negotiating the city, since it allows a consideration of what one might have missed out as well as what one notices: indeed, what is missed out, or what one thinks one might have missed, is as much a creation of the imagination as what one thinks one is seeing.

Matthew Crookes ( New Zealand )

Matthew Crookes is an artist and writer. Born in the UK, he has been based in New Zealand since 2002. From 2006 he has exhibited in Auckland, Wellington, Newcastle NSW and Melbourne. He has undertaken residencies at the LockUp Cultural Centre in Newcastle NSW Australia, Culturia in Berlin, the Institut für alles Möglich in Berlin Wedding, and Centrum in Berlin Neukölln.

Crookes was a contributor to Volume 1 (Clouds Publishing/Artspace Auckland) Francis Alys, and to Ack (Clouds Publishing/Artspace Auckland), an anthology brought out as part of New Zealand Artist Peter Robinson’s work of the same name. He contributed artist’s pages to edition 5.1 of Un Magazine, the Melbourne based art and critical review.

He divides his time between Newcastle NSW and Berlin. In October 2014 he completed a DocFA at the University of Auckland in The Purpose of the Absurd in Contemporary Fine Art Practice.

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