31 Dez 2015 - 31 Dez 2017

nomadicArt is an art container and cultural platform, offering diverse creative and cultural activities that empower newly arrived citizens to enter the 'public arena' despite legal obstacles restricting their mobility and inclusion in social life. The workshops and events facilitated by nomadicArt are co-created by migrants and experts. They provide a safe space for exchange and action. Besides that, nomadicArt is connecting and including various stakeholders from society: migrants, refugees, activists, researchers, volunteers and other actors in the close neighborhood.
The activities of nomadicArt are addressing the inhabitants of the adjacent NUK (emergency shelter), the neighborhood of ZK/U Berlin in Moabit and ZUsammentKUNFT at Potsdamer Platz. It deliberately stays on a small scale, and is continuously evaluated and reconfigured according to the needs of the participants. Next to helping and connecting the local structures, nomadicArt aspires to explore the potentials of artistic work as a transformative tool. The documentation and discourse coming from these activities will be exchanged with other similar groups working in other shelters in the context of the joint working platform ZUsammenKUNFT.

Who are we?
We are currently a group of artists, designers, anthropologists, curators and art theorists working and living in Berlin.

Workshops in following fields

- Creative

- Film & Doku-Fiction

- Dance

- Costumers

- Creative letters

- Kirigami

- Open Format: nomadicArt welcomes fellow artists to offer their skills and can support by hosting, connecting and communicating with existing structures


We warmly welcome help from you!  Whether by assisting in the existing workshops, creating a new temporal workshop format or helping us to organize events with refugees at ZK/U. If you are interested, please write to:


Stresemannstraße 95, 10963 Berlin

Co-working ZUsammenKUNFT


Current projects at ZK/U:

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nomadicArt will research and archive stories from a diverse range of neighborhood residents and listen to their family histories. For instance: when and how they first came to live in Moabit and how they live in Moabit now. We will generate an archive of stories and feelings of people who live in the same urban space. In so doing, we will collect intangible heritage and memory from our neighborhood. More specifically, we would like to look for small anecdotes and daily stories which in the eye of the participant would feel like it represents best their neighborhood. With the help of some methods of "cultural probes" we will intend to carry out a first mapping of the collection of these anecdotes on a small scale.

This project will include three main elements: workshops-art actions, artistic interventions and art events. We will work together with the local community, such as artists and anthropologists whose works gravitate around the themes of community and neighborhood. The aim of this project will be to create an adequate collection of the material for a future cataloguing of this intangible heritage.

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1- "Genealogisches Portrait"

2- "Geschichten verbinden"

Workshop day 4.6.17 11:00 to 18:00

Workshop day 2.7.17 11:00 to 18:00

Workshop day 6.8.17 11:00 to 18:00


2.6.17 Alakachuu by Roser Corella

4.8.17 Open Call / Topic: Neighborhood


31.8.17 Installation / Project results

28.9.17 Installation / Project results

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