Byungseo Yoo

28 Feb - 29 Apr 2017

Byungseo Yoo (South Korea)

Byungseo Yoo`s practice suggests different perspectives and readings of a particular historical frame, or incident within the context of contemporary art. Yoo considers the historical framework as the subject matter of his work, in which he verifies and cross-references it`s surrounding discourses and theories.Yoo Brings his own narratives, and highlights the hidden dimensions beyond what has been realized in its primary context. Yoo Often works with two opposing ideas. The comparisons ranges from eroticism and grotesque, purity and eternity, and sensual and innocent. His work then takes a form of theat-rical direction, painterly procession, and sculptural construction. 

Living and thinking as artist practice – What comes after fear-of-death

Within my interests on the death , i`m going to proceed my serial practice  ‘Living and thinking as artist practice’.  I`m curious about the mind scape of people who have mental disease symptom that comes after fear-of-death. ‘Single channel’ will the methodology of expression which could be single channel sound installation to a piece of a painting for example.