Maj Horn

28 Feb - 30 Mai 2017

Maj Horn (Denmark)

Maj Horn is a visual artist. She holds a master from the Funen Art Academy, Odense, DK. Her work deals with the relationship between public spheres and communities by looking into aspects of knowledge sharing, the acquisition of sites, identity and the atmosphere of places and how to find new strategies for coexistence. Her projects include: The Laboratory for the Wadden Sea Spirit (2015 – 2016), Maps for Copenhagen (2012 – 2015) and the Visible and Invisible City: Slagelse (2012 – 2014). The projects are made collaboratively and interdisciplinary. The media she works in range from photos, objects and installations to dialogical processes, walks, workshops and actions. She has presented her work at the Museum of Contemporary Art (DK), STET (PT), Copenhagen University (DK), Roskilde University (DK), NSU Winter Symposium (ES) and the Danish Design School (DK) among others.

Project at ZK/U

During the stay at ZK/U she will continue ongoing research about childhood in the city and investigate non-monetary economical alternatives for exchange of goods and knowledge, inspired by feminist critique of political economy by J.K. Gibson-Graham. She will also present an abstract at the conference Urban Heritage Activism.