Bite Back Movement

31 Jan - 30 Jul 2017

Bite Back Movement (United Kingdom, South Korea)

The Bite Back Movement is an artist duo consisting of Alexander Augustus (Brighton, UK) and Seung Youn Lee (Seoul, Korea). Their work traverses seminal social issues such as cultural differences, religion, youth unemployment, and immigration. Their work is provocative and uncanny, yet humorous and visually sensitive. They rose to acclaim for their solo exhibition held at Somerset House (London) in 2013, titled A Dangerous Figure: Young and Unemployed in the UK. This work was registered in the official archive of the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2014. They have since exhibited in major international venues such as Tate Modern, Seoul Culture Station 284 (Seoul), Asia Culture Centre (Gwangju), among others.

Project at ZK/U

What happens when our human bodies disappear and only our objects are left to tell stories? This is the starting point of their work. They seek out extraordinary and hidden stories as inspiration, and build new narratives in a contemporary context with their imagination and a range of media. Installation, prints, books, film, drawing, performance and fashion are used to tell their stories. They hope that in the future these artefacts will remain to keep their stories alive.

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