Boundaries of infrastructure - Ben Nathan

5 Sep 2017 - 28 Feb 2018

London has become more and more off limits. This could be explained in the context of physicalbarriers taking the form of urban developments or changes of land use. Once these change in the cityhave happened they are often accepted and become the status quo.During my time at ZK/U I intend to continue my explorations of the boundaries of infrastructure, todraw parallels between urban spaces in Berlin and London.

Ben Nathan ( United Kingdom )

Ben Nathan works across different media, from painting and photography to film and sculpture.Explorations in the urban infrastructure act as a catalyst to question the changing nature of our citiesenvironment. The works are also a way of documenting the evolution of urban change. Recent workshave focused on experiences investigating the UK power generating industry.Ben Nathan studied at The Slade School of Fine Art and the Royal Drawing School. He has recentlycompleted the LCN programme at SPACE (2017). Exhibitions include [K-reɪ- t], 43 Inverness Street(2015), Pyeong Chang Biennale, South Korea (2015), East London Painting Prize (2014) and Structure,43 Inverness Street (2013). He also has made a series of site-specific installation in public spaces inLondon and abroad. Awards and residencies include SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul Museum of Art(2014), Educational Scholarship, AJA (2013) and IJAYA, The Ben Uri Gallery (2012). In 2015 he wascommissioned to produce a large-scale mural for Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd, Crouch End. Later thisyear he will be Artist in Residence at ZK/U, Center for Art and Urban Studies in Berlin.

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