OPENHAUS 26/10/2017

26 Oct 2017 | 19:00


Modular Relations Conference + Sonica Berlin AV Showcase

28 - 29 Oct 2017

28 Oct | 12:00 - 29 Oct | 05:00

26 Oct 2017 | 19:00

OPENHAUS 26/10/2017

19:00–22:30 more

28 - 29 Oct 2017

Modular Relations Conference + Sonica Berlin AV Showcase

28 Oct | 12:00 - 29 Oct | 05:00 more

2 Nov 2017 | 19:30

Friendly Fire

Berliner Gazette Annual Conference 2017 - November 2-4 more

5 Nov 2017 | 17:00

Klangfest Hier!

a collaboration between Martin Julien, Heather Nicol and YOU! more



Bees, ecology, democracy


26 Apr - 18 Jul 2017

On engagement in contemporary cultural theory & practice

Hacking Urban Furniture

30 Jun 2016 - 30 Jun 2019

Speisekino Moabit 2017

4 May - 23 Sep 2017

Open air cinema at ZK/U.


31 Mar 2016 - 31 Mar 2018

– Change It Yourself


31 Dec 2015 - 31 Dec 2017

ZK/U+M (Zentrum für Kunst, Urbanistik und Migration)

Gütermarkt 2017

6 May - 30 Sep 2017


30 Nov 2014 - 30 Dec 2018



Ein PilotInnenprojekt


30 Apr 2016 - 30 Dec 2017

Simulizi Mijini

31 Mar 2016 - 30 Mar 2017

ZK/U Berlin - Residencies for Scholars, Artists and Practitioners

A new, innovative venue offering artistic and research residencies of 2–12 months duration for art production at the interface of urban research will open its doors in summer 2012 in the district of Moabit in Berlin-Mitte, on the edges of Berlin‘s largest inland port, Westhafen.

Located in a former railway depot surrounded by a freshly landscaped park, the ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics - is the linchpin of a concept developed by Berlin-based artists‘ collective KUNSTrePUBLIK.

Analogous to the nineteenth-century transport of goods by rail, this unique new venue is set to become a lively hub for the transport of ideas and ideals in the postindustrial era.

More on the concept

Thematic Focuses

In order to coordinate the applicants’ research and artistic projects, ZK/U will announce mid and longterm thematic focuses, to which the applications should refer. Additionally, ZK/U welcomes individual, 'ad hoc' topics that critically reflect on urban issues and practices.

Biannual, midterm topics deal with issues that are thoroughly investigated and will have the potential to manifest into projects, publications and public formats. The period of two years allows in-depth research and sustainable projects that will be processed by 2-3 generations of participants.

Long-term topics deal with issues that are fundamental to the ZK/U's mission of being a platform of exchange between artists, scholars and practitioners.

In addition to studio work, the main focus of the ZK/U residency program is the cross-disciplinary exchange between artists, scholars and practitioners, as well as the outcomes of their individual and collaborative work that may include projects, symposia and exhibitions according to topic themes. We expect that these interdisciplinary exchanges at the international and local levels will foster both short and long-term ties.

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ZK/U and surrounding Summer 2012, view from the south.